Google helpful content update is now done rolling out


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Google has confirmed that the helpful content update is now finished rolling out. The update took 15 days to roll out, starting on August 25, 2022 and ending on September 9, 2022. Google has posted it completed today, September 9th.

Released the August 2022 helpful content update. The rollout was complete as of September 9, 2022.

Is your site affected by this algorithm? Reply below.
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Thanks for sharing this update! It's always good to stay informed about changes and updates to Google's search algorithm. The helpful content update sounds like it could have significant impacts on search results and the way content is ranked. It will be interesting to see how it affects search rankings and user experience in the coming weeks and months. My site was effect in gradual loss of traffic and the keyword had gradual drop. Now its all good but I would like to know if anyone here site affected by this algorithm?