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The installation and use is not too difficult. In order to set up your website with, here are the steps to prepare in advance to avoid wasting time as well as make support process simpler.

Step 1: You need to create a project management folder (if you have many different projects, then create a general folder containing all subfolders and each subfolder is a project), refer to the sample folder here, you clone and then share the edit permission to email: [email protected]).

create a project management folder.jpg

Step 2: Create and verify a Payoneer account to receive money from Amazon

Step 3: Prepare a reviewed Amazon Associates Account with API (if you want it fast, you can buy it here).

Step 4: The API set of your Amazon Affiliate account includes: Access Key, Secret Key, Tag ID tracking (Click here to download API and it will work after 48h-72h). Then fill in cell 34 A, B, C in the Data sheet of the 001. management folder you just created in Step 1). In case the newly created API or the account in 30 days has no sale shipped or the account is negative, it will report a Many Request error, use this tool to check.

Step 5: Domain Name: Fill in column B of the Website Management sheet

Step 6: Register for a proxy account to get the API: (you can use the first 1000 requests for free with the affiliate link). Then access the link Normal token and fill in the cell 34 D in the Data sheet)

Step 7: Create a account (Gets $100 in credit over 60 days). You create and rename My Team to your name and then go to Setting => Invite Members (not selected Require secure sign-in for this team). Please email: We will send you in the Conversation. (A VPS running one site costs $7/month).

Step 8: Prepare content including Title SEO, Description for Main Pages: About, Contact, Privacy policy, Affiliate Disclaimer, and categories)

Step 9: Prepare SEO formats and content for all sections in Setting SEO including: AI Score, title, title SEO, description SEO, Before and After Table compare. Note that you need to write on your own or else if you get a duplicate DMCA report in the future,we will not be responsible for this issue.

Step 10: Prepare from 15 to 20 product review articles

Step 11: Step 3: You create only one conversation (in case you created it already, then you don't need to create more and access Please attach the link of the folder created in Step 1 with access right via email [email protected] com

Sincerely thank you for reading.
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